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Our company is located in Val di Cornia, a fertile valley where farms are very active, and Villa Toscana is one of them.

The agritourism activity has allowed us to enhance our production and make our country roots proudly known.


The Villa Toscana farm is located in the municipality of Campiglia Marittima, on the Etruscan Coast (Livorno) and has a production area of ​​approximately 23 hectares.

Villa Toscana is an individual company managed directly by the owner Tiziana Stafforte who, after university studies, chose to manage the family business.

Our productions

The soils of our company are loose, medium-textured and particularly suitable for the cultivation of cereals and open-field vegetables. Following traditional cultivation systems, but with great attention to saving water resources, crop rotation and the adoption of control methods HACCP of production and transformation systems.

A part is occupied by native olive groves (moraiolo, leccio and frantoio), destined for the production of excellent Tuscan extra virgin olive oil.

The commitment of our company is to support typical products and enhance the quality of the 100% Tuscan product.

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